Barcelona Vegetarian Restaurants

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Went to Pla (C/ Bellafilla 5) on Saturday night. I have to say I love that place and have always had very good experiences there vis-a-vís vegetarian food. Also, the service is very good and the atmosphere is rarely bettered in Barcelonian restaurants. However, this time I was left a little unsatisfied. Pla is one of the few places that uses a logo (strangely, a little black chilli) for their vegetarian dishes. So, you just look for the chillis and make your choice. Saves a lot of time. Except this time, I noticed one of the starter 'vegetarian' options contained bacon!?? This keeps in line with the usual "bacon's not real meat" attitude that is so prevalent in Spain. My next disappointment was the 'vegetarian' pasta of the day, which on Saturday was ravioli filled with salmon. Add that to the fact that they didn't have the wine I asked for and we were rather swiftly hurried out at the end (they do insist you arrive on time as they have two sittings at 9:30 and 11:30pm, but we arrived promptly and didn't exactly take our time eating) and all of a sudden, the almost perfect restaurant falls a little short of it's customary excellence. In light of this, I am currently unwilling to add Pla to our database at Sincarne


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