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Friday, May 20, 2005

Thai Café

Went to the Thai Café last night - the only place in Barcelona where I've seen a 'menu de degustación' especially for vegetarians. What a very pleasant surprise. The place is quite new, at the end of C/ Comercio just off the Borne. A recent addition to the restaurants in Barcelona, the interior is warm and inviting. The service is attentive without being obtrusive. The food is simply delicious and it's fantastic to not have to keep asking "Does this dish have meat in?", or "What's this?", or "Is there any fish stock in that dish?", etc. The menu is for 2 persons, with around 6 dishes each. Starting with a warm slightly spicy Thai soup for starters accompanied by spring rolls (not deep-fried and filled with fresh mint and coriander amongst other things), the menu is reasonably priced at 18€ per person (dessert, coffee and drinks not included). This is followed by tofu in a sweet satay sauce. Then comes the main which comprised of egg tagliatelle, boiled white rice and a lovely sauce with huge chunks of pumpkin. This is certainly a menu for those with a good appetite, a welcome change to the minimalistic dishes that seem so fashionable these days. Desserts, although at an extra cost are very tasty - we tried the chocolate pyramid (a must for chocoholics) and the mango slice (very fresh and fruity). Add all this to a varied wine list and you can't go wrong here, if you like Thai food.

Thai Café


  • Price for the vegetarian menu de degustación has gone up from 18€ to 21.50€ and there is a charge for 'cubiertos' (cutlery) as well. A bit cheeky I think, especially as the meat menu de degustación is only 22.50€. The food is nice, but how can they justify an increase of nearly 20%????? I think it's disgraceful.


    By Blogger Dave Griffiths, at 2:32 PM  

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