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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fair Trade Update

I recieved a reply from Xarxa Consum about the seitán price increase. I was told that since Biográ have put up their prices, this was passed on to us, the consumer. However, I was also told that the previous price of 2,57€ was the member's price and the price for non-members was 3€. This may be true, but every time I went in and was served, I was asked if I was a member and I always replied 'no' because I am not. So they were probably charging too little it would seem. Now, the new price is 2,80€ for members and 3,20€ for non-members. I still feel cheated.

So today, I went back to buy some Seitán. Being Saturday afternoon the place was shut. So I hunted around and the only place I could find open was Veritas on Via Laietana. The prices in there are shocking (Tofu for example is over 2€ per 300g - compare this to 90 cents for 500g in the chinese supermarkets), but I eventually picked up 2 300g pieces of Seitán made by Vegetalia with a price of 3,35€ each. To my surprise, they were on special offer and I only paid 2,95€ each.

Which is fairest?


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