Barcelona Vegetarian Restaurants

Monday, November 05, 2007

Barcelona Restaurants & Barcelona Italian Restaurants

Sincarne has been in somewhat of a limbo state for the past year - work commitments have meant that it hasn't had the attention it needs. This has changed tho and we are now in the process of making lots of interesting changes. There is a new section for vegetarians who like pizza and pasta on Italian restaurants in Barcelona and also a new Barcelona restaurants section for non-vegetarians who would like an honest opinion on which are the best restaurants to visit in Barcelona.


  • Hi Dave,

    I'm having trouble figuring out which restaurants on Sin Carne are still open - lots of them seem to no longer have web sites....

    Any advice? We'll be in BCN next month and I want to have a good list of veggie restaurants handy, with several in each neighborhood so it's easy to stop and eat whenever we feel like it.

    What are you current favorites?


    By Blogger Michael, at 8:59 AM  

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