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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pizza Marzano Barcelona

I had the RĂșcula (rocket) pizza today, and when it arrived I was rather suspicious of the green stuff on top, because it looked more like somthing you find at the bottom of the garden than Rocket.

I took some off, removed the cheese and put it in my mouth. It tasted more like common or garden grass than the salad ingredient which has become so popular these days. In fact, it didn't taste like rocket at all. I mentioned it to the Italian waiter, who admitted it was definitely NOT the unique-tasting salad leaf.

So, the big boss came over and although he wouldn't admit it wasn't rocket, he said that it was the rocket that THEY had, and that he would change my pizza if I so wished - an admission of guilt, perhaps?. He fell a little short of actually tasting it, but what can you do? I felt cheated - I can't believe an Italian-based restaurant (albeit a chain) could be so devious as to try and fobb us off with some cheap imitation of the unmistakeably, spicy-tasting Rocket.

So my advice is this - take some rocket in with you when you go, and get them to do the test. Unless of course, they've read this and made the appropriate changes. Either that, or go for the Margarita.


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